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Traces of creativity in spaces of everyday life that tell of emotions and beauty.

Pantelleria is, for us, a starting point for a creative process which is dynamic and fluid, just like life’s emotions. It is a place whose energy comes from the sea’s breath, the earth’s warmth, and most importantly from its traditions.

We host travellers, surrounding them with beauty. Our three dammusi, Shams, Qamar and Hurria, keep inside of them the traces of artists which transcend matter, shape and colour, and tell of emotions strictly related to the space which hold them.

At the heart of our passion for art is our contemporary art gallery, Uno Nove Tre Liquid Art Gallery – located close to Scauri harbour. It’s a symbolic and historic place where ships used to dock for all sorts of trade exchanges. Here, the bottom of the sea is scattered with uncountable fragments of Pantellerian Ware, a type of rough clay produced on the island.