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Pantelleria enfolds, in its purest essence, the great enchantment of stories from a time past. It is a land of water and fire, where volcanic rock meets the coolness of the sea – an island bound to seduce you with its striking contrasts and its scent of salt and the Med sea. Everything is bathed in sunlight, and each detail tells of new stories and sensations.

Ishtar unveils its essence in three dammusi: Shams, Qamar and Hurria; together, they celebrate the beauty and strength of the nature surrounding them. They are true oases of peace, where guests can rediscover a sense of wonder and revel in simple pleasures.

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The island


Dammuso Ishtar is the place where Pantelleria’s magic finds a meeting point with art. A tribute to the spirit of the island which, thanks to its extraordinary geographical position, is an open door to the Mediterranean, a crossroads of different cultures.

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